A bit about me
As humans, we love that high five or that smile, or that moment in traffic where someone lets you go in front of them. This is part of what makes being a designer so great for me. I see interaction design as an opportunity to do what I love doing and knowing that it’s meaningful for a bunch of other people.
A bit more:
I was born in Belgium, but actually grew up in a place called Newton, Massachusetts. It's a nice place with a lot of snow, and history, and a bunch of super smart smarty-pants. But surprisingly some talent emerged from there as well which includes Matt Damon, Amy Poehler and Matt Leblanc. After high school I moved to Israel for a few years and then in 2009 my brother Omer, my dad Shimon, my sister Vered and I started a waffle restaurant in Oregon called Off The Waffle. This was a pretty wild ride. The business quickly expanded to three locations and 50+ employees, and I matured a lot in a very short amount of time.
What was also interesting about this time period is that this was when smartphones first came out (remember that?). I became really curious about digital products, and my first instinct was actually to fly to India (and grow a huge mustache), to travel and also try to put a team together and make a digital product. I failed (and ate a ton of banoffee), but I also learned a lotβ€”I learned that I had a huge curiosity and I moved back to Israel to feed that curiosity. Since then, I have been learning non-stop about design and products; from data visualization to calligraphy, to Javascript and growth principles.
So...this is the part of the story where you come in! I'd love to hear what you're up to.
In addition to work stuff, I'd love to chat about:
Travel shenanigans
I've had a lot of adventures including (not limited to) having kidney stones in a Bolivian jungle.
Teaching design
I love to share the knowledge that I've learned so far with up and coming designers.
The sound of music
I play blues harmonica and a bit of drums. I love anything from gospel to the Grateful Dead.
Book drinking
Mostly reading non-fiction and historical fiction. Right now I am reading Pillars of the Earth.
I have a 2008 Suzuki Jimny which I adore, and I love exploring the edges of nature when I can.
Sport and spirit
I try to be present with my body and soul by running, snorkelling, swimming laps or just meditating.