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Project Overview
Vonage Receptionist App for Desktop is a call management solution for call agents in small and medium sized businesses.
The challenge
Setting ourselves apart in the Call Management market for small and medium businesses
There are a wide spectrum of products who share the B2B Unified Communications market. We spoke to many business customers who expressed that their current Call Management solution was missing critical features, provided a confusing user experience and an outdated 
User Interface.
We wanted to differentiate ourselves with a modern call management product that was delightful to use and as efficient as it was delightful.
Splash screen to introduce the user to the Receptionist App
Receiving an incoming call within the Receptionist App
Putting the call on hold
The nature of a Call Management product is to receive incoming calls throughout the day, and to make the best decision of how to handle that call. We wanted to make this decision process as easy as possible for the user. Decisions can include putting someone on Hold, Parking a call, Transferring a call or sending the call to a Call Queue.
Transferring a Call
Transferring the call via drag and drop
Feedback to reflect a successful action by the user
An illustration for the offline state:
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