Hi, I'm Dave 👋. I am a product designer most recently designing at Fiverr and mentoring at DesignLab.
I'd love to hear from you! Please shoot me an email to orian.dave@gmail.com.
Seller Coupons
Seller Coupons is a tool for sellers that strengthens the relationship with buyers in the long term.
Customer View
Fiverr’s back-office that team members at Fiverr use. The Customer View is a snapshot of a user’s account.
Vonage Meetings combines video meetings, live collaboration and recording for small & large businesses.
Vonage Receptionist App for Desktop is a call management solution for call agents in small and medium sized businesses.
Business Cloud Mobile
Business customers can take their work communication on the go with the Vonage Business Cloud App.
An intergalactic treasure hunt; Fly around space with your friends and find hidden secrets in the universe.